Discover all benefits ProTagged has to offer.
Check out our app and its features at a glance.

Stay in control of your journey

Keep an organized overview of your upcoming trips and upload relevant documents related to each trip.

Fly without a worry

Receive real-time notifications about your flight status and be informed of any gate changes in advance.

Protect any baggage

After applying the QR Code tag on your baggage, use the app and smartphone camera to capture the condition of the baggage. In case something happens to your baggage, this evidence will help us getting you the maximum compensation for damages and losses.

Be informed about your baggage status

Track your baggage through main airport checkpoints and know in advance if your baggage won’t arrive at your destination.

Easily claim your lost baggage compensation

In case your baggage gets damaged or lost, avoid long waiting times and stress by simply submitting your PIR (Property Irregularity Report) or BIL (Baggage Inventory List) forms via the app. Together with our legal partner, we will act on your behalf to get you the best possible compensation.

NEW! Smartphone protection

Lead your phone back to you when lost. Download the app, install the tag on your lock screen, and make sure your phone is identifiable at all times.