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What is ProTagged?

ProTagged is the smart traveler mobile app.

Plan your trip in advance and be ahead of unexpected events such as flight delays, lost documents, or baggage loss. We take care of every step so that you can just relax and enjoy your journey.​

What are the benefits of ProTagged?

Imagine missing a flight because of a gate change you were not aware of. Or imagine having your belongings lost or stolen during your trip, with all your personal documents such as Visa or Passport. Or even, imagine arriving at your destination after a long and tiring flight, waiting at the baggage claim carousel just to realize your baggage isn’t there.​

ProTagged helps you to prevent and act accordingly in those unfortunate situations. Rely on our travel assistant feature and baggage protection tag to have a safe and hassle-free journey.

How does the baggage protection work?

After receiving your smart QR Code baggage tags at home, apply it on the baggage you wish to travel with. Each pair of tags protects one baggage and can be used multiple times.

Before your trip, upload pictures of your baggage evidencing its condition. In case your baggage doesn't arrive at your destination, simply submit a compensation claim via the app. The tags are also easily scanned by any smartphone. If someone finds your baggage, you will be immediately notified about it.


See how ProTagged can help your journey in 3 simple steps


Manage your travels


Protect any baggage


Claim your compensation

Have a complete overview of your trip

Plan your itinerary and upload backups of important documents and booking confirmations associated to each trip. Also, benefit from the travel assistant feature and receive real-time notifications about your flight status.

QR feature

Create evidence of your baggage conditions​

After completing your check-in with the airline, a boarding pass will be generated in the app. With your smartphone, capture your baggage condition before your trip. ProTagged will then link it to that same boarding pass and trip in the app. This guarantees you have strong evidence in case your baggage gets lost or damaged during your journey.

QR feature

Make easy claims and receive maximum compensation for your loss

In case of lost or damaged baggage you can simply file a complaint by submitting a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) document via the app. ProTagged will then act on your behalf to ensure you get maximum compensation for your loss as fast as possible.

QR feature

Have the control of your journey

See the complete journey of a ProTagged user compared to a non-ProTagged user.

Non-Protagged User

Endless wait at the baggage carousel before realizing the baggage won’t arrive
Stress until finding the appropriate baggage claim counter​ 
Tiring paperwork
Often small or even no compensation for loss or damage 
Might end in court disputes incurring additional legal fees
Flight compensation companies charge up to 35% commission

ProTagged User

Automated notification in the event of any abnormality with the baggage throughout the entire journey
No need to visit any airport or airline counter. Simply submit your in-app claim forms
No paperwork. Completely digital
Obtain maximum possible compensation according to passenger’s rights
ProTagged handles up to 2 free of charge legal actions, if required
Commission free & full compensation 

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